Working with annual TimeLine

Jira Boards are the main tools managers use to organize work in Jira.

We wanted to provide a visual timeline of those Boards. This is the Project TimeLine!

Project TimeLine extends the boards into a more powerful planning solution. 


For Agile teams using Scrum or Kanban Boards

Project TimeLine is connected to the Scrum/Kanban board that is currently open.

  1. Jira board

  2. TimeLine board


Project TimeLine shows:  

  • All Projects of the issues in the underlying Scrum/Kanban board

  • For each project you see:

    • project's Releases (all Releases)

    • Epics (*only Epics which are part of the board's filter)

  • All Sprints of the issues in the underlying Scrum board  

For Scrum teams, Time Tracking option and Estimation Unit are copied from the respective Board's settings. 


For Classic teams using just projects

In case your project doesn't have any Agile Board associated, Project TimeLine shows:

  • Your current Project:

    • project's Releases

    • project's Epics 


Get Started with configuring the TimeLine

Always start by configuring the TimeLine: set estimation units, choose how to handle unestimated issues, synchronize with Jira custom dates, etc.

This will ensure that what you see on the TimeLine is correctly aligned to your management approach.


Start planning

Once you got your project on the TimeLine you can start planning!


Track your plan


Getting around the TimeLine

Project TimeLine is a visual tool so every detail has a meaning