Getting Started

Project TimeLine is an innovative planning tool focused on prediction and tracking results.

Use it to:

  • Plan your work schedule

  • Monitor the progress on daily, monthly or yearly bases

  • Inspect details about Releases and Epics

  • Get warnings about projects in danger



Step 1: Choose which projects to see on the timeline

  • Create an Agile board that contains all projects you want to see on your TimeLine.

Note: Timeline works with Scrum, Kanban and projects without Agile board. If you have a project without an Agile board, you can still track its progress and see insights about it but some of the features will not be applicable to your case.


Step 2: Open your TimeLine

  • Now that you have your board prepared, click on Project TimeLine.

Step 3: Align configuration of the TimeLine with your style of work

  • In order to track the progress of your projects, first of all configure your estimation units - Story Points, Original Time Estimate or Issue Count.


Step 4: Choose which Bars you would like to see

  • Project TimeLine shows different perspectives on the project's schedule. In the dropdown above your TimeLine select if you want to see Releases, Epics or Sprints.