The progress of the project is 0%


The progress of a project is shown as 0% on the TimeLine which is not true.


Most probably you need to change something in the Configuration of your TimeLine.


Тhe color of the Release/Еpic bars is gray


The Release and/or the Epic bars of a project on your TimeLine are in grey and the progress of the project is missing.


See in the Configuration of your TimeLine. Click on the “Project View” menu to choose a color for your project.


Not all projects are shown on the TimeLine


Not all projects that are associated with the underlying Agile board are represented on the Project TimeLine.

Projects are fetched using Get Projects REST API call. In cases when the query is more complex the API call does NOT return all projects (e.g. having filters containing filters).


See here the limitations and if needed re-work the JQL.

Contact us, in case the problem persists.


How to show Project TimeLine in Confluence

We are working on export option. Until then you can create a Confluence link to Project TimeLine.