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Nemetschek Bulgaria

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Project TimeLine

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Project TimeLine lets managers plan multiple Jira projects on a single timeline and reach their goals with schedule forecasts.

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Get the overall picture of Multiple Projects on an Annual TimeLine, Plan, Track and Forecast

Project TimeLine extends Jira boards into a more powerful planning solution. It gives you an overall picture of scheduled Releases, Epic and Sprints across multiple projects and how they fit on your annual plan.

It enables managers to:
See the annual plan from Release/Epic/Sprint perspective
Re-schedule directly on the TimeLine
Align schedules across different projects, incl. Next-Gen
Track progress (Hours, Story Points or Issue Count)
Browse the issue's hierarchy (Epic to Sub-task)

Unique planning features for Releases/Epics:
Multiple projects on an annual TimeLine
Plan based on historical velocity
See which Stories can fit in
Predict end date based on actual velocity
Is it a momentary slowdown or a trend that may lead to delays
Is there a scope creep and what is its impact
Are there blockers and quality creep

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Multiple Projects on Annual TimeLine


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Forecast Based on Predictions


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Plan & Track Releases and Epics